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Recommendations and information about your spa stay

  • What do I need to pack?

    You should pack everything you need to change your child's diaper, as well as an emergency bottle. Parents should take bathing shoes with them. You are also welcome to pack a camera to capture this special experience for yourself.

  • What don't I need to pack?

    Of course, we have everything ready for your Little Ones for floating and massage. These include: swim diapers, swimming trunks, floating ring, towels and massage oil.

  • Who can accompany us?

    This is a time out for your Little Ones
    and of course it is as relaxed as possible for you, we recommend that in addition to your baby, only you as parents (mom & dad) take part in Little Family Time. At Little Best Buddy Time, this recommendation obviously applies to both babies.

  • How much time should we plan for the moment of happiness?

    Both the Little Family Time and the Little Best Buddy Time last a total of 55 minutes (20 minutes baby massage • 20 minutes baby floating • 15 minutes baby relaxing). Since we respond individually to the needs of your Little Ones, the times during the spa stay may differ from these details. With pure floating time without a baby massage, the duration of the moment of happiness is reduced to a total of 30-35 minutes.

  • How old should my baby be?

    At the time of the happy moment, your Little One should be between two weeks and seven months old, or have a body weight of three to a maximum of nine kilograms. Are your little ones a little heavier and too active for a baby massage? Then choose a pure floating time without baby massage. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • When do I breastfeed/feed my baby?

    We recommend that you come a little earlier and breastfeed/feed your Little Ones again shortly before the moment of happiness so that they can enjoy the time out in a relaxed manner. Feel free to use our nursing corner for this. Of course we also have a bottle warmer for you.

  • Tips for getting there

    You can find us at Plaggenbahn 50a, 46282 Dorsten on the 1st floor. There are parking spaces right in front of the door. If you come on foot, you can park the stroller on the ground floor. So that you can arrive in peace and quiet before your appointment, you should arrive 15 minutes early.

  • Cancellation due to illness

    If your moment of happiness is canceled due to illness, you have up to 24 hours
    There are no costs to you before the appointment & we will of course reimburse you
    the entire amount back in the form of a voucher or book the appointment
    after prior consultation for you. However, if you have the appointment
    If you cancel at short notice, we unfortunately have to charge you 80% of the costs.

  • No-shows/delays

    If you do not show up without prior cancellation, we will charge you 100%
    Cost. You are also welcome to send us one yourself after prior consultation
    other family as a “replacement date” or at a Little Best Buddy Time as
    Send accompaniment so that we don't have any downtime - this will incur costs for you
    Of course, no downtime costs either. Unfortunately, we are not responsible for delays
    possible to extend your spa appointment beyond the agreed date
    not to fall behind on subsequent bookings. So if you
    If you arrive later than booked, your spa stay will be shortened

  • Date changes

    You would like to rebook your desired date and to another one
    Perceive timing? Please consider that we have enough
    Need room for maneuver to reassign appointments. Rebookings until
    at least 7 days before your spa appointment are completely free of charge for you. At
    Short-term rebookings that are not due to illness must be made
    We will charge you a rebooking fee of €10.

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