We believe in the magic of baby massage because "touch is the root."

(Frédérick Leboyer)

BabyMassage - The Little One Family Concept Store

Communication with the little ones takes place primarily through touch, eye contact and facial expressions. Soft fabrics, subtle colors and the right room temperature also help your babies feel safe with us and experience their personal moment of happiness.

During your spa stay, the baby massage is the first part. This gives your Little Ones time to arrive in peace, to let go of the exciting world outside for a moment and to let themselves go. Your Little One will experience security and warmth with a relaxing and stimulating abdominal and foot reflexology massage.

With eye contact you create trust with your Little Ones and strengthen the emotional bond. You consolidate this feeling through care, direct communication, closeness and touch. We also use eye contact when massaging your Little Ones to create a feel-good atmosphere and love it when a little smile flashes across your mice's faces.

For baby massage we use sustainable & certified baby oil from BAYBIES . BAYBIES is a modern & clean baby brand from Munich that wants to achieve a rethinking towards better, more natural & sustainable products with its care range. The certified products are dermatologically tested, fragrance-free and cruelty-free - produced in the Alps.

During our Little Best Buddy Time , you will be lovingly and professionally guided by a pediatric nurse or a pediatric physiotherapist and can continue to implement the techniques you have learned at home. At our Little Family Time you can of course also look over our shoulders; Here your Little One will receive a gentle massage directly from our trained hands.