"Water is life."

(author unknown)

At a Little Family Time or Little Best Buddy Time, the soothing baby massage is the ideal introduction to the subsequent part of your spa stay - baby floating. For pure floating time, your Little Ones go straight into our swimming pool instead.

A feeling like in mommy's tummy: your little ones will love feeling completely free and weightless in the water. Unlike the world that is so new to them and often loud and bright, they find peace here. And in addition to physical and emotional well-being, floating also supports your babies' motor development.

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The water for your baby should be at body temperature, i.e. not exceed or fall below a temperature of between 36 and 38 degrees. This applies to both the bathtub at home and our mini swimming pools. Once the temperature has been reached, we put the floating ring on your little mice and then the bathing fun can begin.

In addition to the classic floating ring, we also have an alternative swimming ring. It is perfect for larger Little Ones, but can also be used for the little ones if you prefer this variant.

Every baby experiences floating differently - while some Little Ones are deeply relaxed and resting, the other Little Ones become very active, kicking around with their legs and turning their floating experience into great water fun. Either way:

We have found that the little mice are very tired after the time out and take a little nap on the way home.

When you see your relaxed Little Ones, you as parents can also relax and enjoy the moment with your great miracle.