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Kong Walther is a small family business founded by Mathias Kastrup and Tine Land. The idea for KongWalther was born in late summer 2019 when Tine & Matihas' son was born: Walther. The two were new parents and had no idea about all the equipment and accessories needed to make everyday life easier with such a small child - but they quickly figured it out.
Winter came quickly, and the long walks with the stroller in the park in Østerbro were suddenly no longer as pleasant as in the beautiful late summer - and suddenly they had the idea for the Østerbro glove.
A glove that sits on the handlebar of the stroller so you always have it with you - even when the sun is shining when you leave the house but the cold is getting the best of you - and you don't have gloves with you.
That's why the two founded Kong Walther at the beginning of 2020, with the Østerbro glove becoming the first product that is definitely associated with Kong Walther - since then, more products have been added and they keep coming up with new things.
With the products they want to make everyday life a little easier for all parents.

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