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Your Little Ones love floating because, unlike the world that is so new to them and is often loud and bright, here they find peace, can relax and feel completely weightless for a little time out - like in mommy's tummy.

When you see your baby at rest, you as mom, dad or together as parents can relax and enjoy the moment with your great miracle very intensively.

Choose your moment of happiness & visit us in our baby spa in Dorsten:
At Little Family Time, you and your little one can enjoy an exclusive spa stay as a family.
At Little Best Buddy Time, you as a family share the spa space with a friend and family. When you book the 'Little Best Buddy Time' appointment, you automatically book for another baby and the price includes both Little Ones.

We also offer pure floating time as ' Little Family Floatingtime ' or ' Best Buddy Floatingtime ' - there is no baby massage and your spa appointment is shortened accordingly. Pure floating time is particularly suitable for little ones who may already be too active for a baby massage. Please note that pure floating time can only be booked for appointments from Monday to Friday.

You can also find useful information and answers to the most frequently asked questions about a spa appointment with us in Babyspa 1x1 . You can book your desired date directly here .

We look forward to seeing you!🧡

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